Eps. #5: Expert Tips on Autopot Growing w/ J. Morris


Introduction to Autopot Growing and CO2 in Indoor Gardens

Autopot growing and CO2 enrichment are two powerful techniques that can revolutionize your indoor cannabis garden. In this blog post, we delve into the benefits and challenges of these methods with expert insights from J. Morris of Eloheim Bastet Company, as featured in our latest podcast episode.

The Benefits and Challenges of Growing in Autopots

What are Autopots?

Autopots are self-watering systems that give plants a constant supply of nutrients and water. This method is highly efficient, reducing the need for daily watering and ensuring plants receive consistent hydration.

Autopots, Autopot system, Autopot
AutoPot 4 Pot XL System with 6.6 Gallon Pots and 12.4 Gallon Tank
Autopots, Autopot system, Autopot
AutoPot 8 Pot System with 3.9 gallon pots and 25 gallon FlexiTank
Autopots, Autopot system, Autopot
easy2grow 4 Pot System with 3.9 Gallon pots and 12.4 gal Reservoir Tank

Benefits of Autopot Growing

  1. Efficiency: Autopots automate the watering process, saving you time and effort.
  2. Consistency: Plants receive a steady supply of nutrients and water, promoting uniform growth.
  3. Water Conservation: Autopots are designed to minimize water waste, making them environmentally friendly.
  4. Scalability: Ideal for both small and large-scale grows.

Challenges of Autopot Growing

  1. Initial Setup Cost: The initial investment in an Autopot system can be higher than that of traditional methods.
  2. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to prevent clogs and ensure the system functions properly.
  3. Learning Curve: New growers may need time to understand the nuances of Autopot systems.

J. Morris’ Nutrient Regimen for Lush, Healthy Plants

In our podcast episode, J. Morris shared his meticulously crafted nutrient regimen, crucial in achieving lush, healthy cannabis plants. Here’s a detailed look at what he uses, particularly during the flowering stage, to ensure optimal growth and maximum yields.

Soil Amendments

For his soil-based plants, J. Morris incorporates the following amendments to create a nutrient-rich growing medium:

  • Grow Dots: He uses 1 tablespoon of Grow Dots per gallon of soil. Grow Dots are a slow-release fertilizer that provides a balanced mix of essential nutrients, supporting vigorous plant growth throughout the flowering stage.
  • Xtreme Mykos: He adds 1 tablespoon of Xtreme Mykos per gallon of soil. Mykos is a beneficial mycorrhizal fungus that enhances root development, increases nutrient uptake, and improves plant health, leading to more robust flowering.

Reservoir Nutrients

In his Autopot system’s reservoir, J. Morris relies on a combination of advanced nutrients to sustain his plants during the flowering stage:

  • Cannazym: This enzyme formula breaks down dead root material, converting it into beneficial nutrients and preventing root rot. By adding Cannazym to the reservoir, J. Morris ensures his plants have a clean, healthy root environment.
  • ArmorSi: A silica supplement that strengthens cell walls, ArmorSi helps plants build stronger stems and leaves, making them more resistant to environmental stress. This is especially important during the heavy-blooming phase.
  • Terpinator: To enhance the terpene production and overall aroma profile of his cannabis plants, J. Morris includes Terpinator in his reservoir mix. This product supports the biosynthesis of terpenes, resulting in more aromatic and flavorful buds.
  • Flower Fuel: J. Morris uses Flower Fuel for a bloom-boosting effect. This additive is designed to increase bud size, density, and potency, providing the essential nutrients plants need to produce abundant flowers.

Combining these soil amendments and reservoir nutrients, J. Morris creates an optimal feeding regimen that supports his plants’ health and maximizes their flowering potential. His approach demonstrates the importance of a well-rounded nutrient strategy in achieving impressive cannabis yields.

The Impact of Native Sun Genetics on Cultivation

Native Sun Genetics (NSG) is vital to J. Morris’ cultivation success. By incorporating NSG seeds, growers can achieve exceptional results with enhanced flavor, potency, and yield.

Why Choose Native Sun Genetics?

  1. High-Quality Strains: NSG offers a wide range of premium cannabis strains bred for optimal performance.
  2. Consistent Results: NSG seeds are known for their reliability and consistency, ensuring a successful harvest.
  3. Enhanced Characteristics: Strains from NSG provide unique flavors, aromas, and effects, elevating your cannabis garden.

Understanding Closed Growing Rooms vs. Open Rooms with Added CO2

Closed Growing Rooms

Closed Grow Room

Closed growing rooms are sealed environments where all aspects of the growing conditions, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, are controlled.


  • Precise Control: Allows for meticulous management of environmental factors.
  • Reduced Pest Risk: Sealed rooms minimize the risk of pests and pathogens.


  • Higher Costs: Requires investment in equipment such as dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and CO2 generators.
  • Complex Setup: More technical knowledge is needed to maintain optimal conditions.

Open Rooms with Added CO2

Open grow room

Open rooms with added CO2 supplement the grow space with CO2 while allowing for natural air exchange.


  • Cost-Effective: Easier and cheaper to set up compared to closed rooms.
  • Improved Growth: CO2 enrichment can significantly boost plant growth and yields.


  • Environmental Fluctuations: It is more challenging to maintain consistent environmental conditions.
  • Ventilation Management: Proper ventilation prevents CO2 from escaping too quickly.

Native Sun Genetics Products

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At Native Sun Genetics, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier cannabis seeds that cater to various growing methods, including Autopot systems. Our strains are bred to deliver exceptional quality, potency, and yield, making them the perfect addition to any garden.

Featured Products:

  • Northern Lights: Renowned for its resilience and robust growth.
  • Purple Thai: Offers unique flavors and high potency.
  • SimPro Nutrients: Our exclusive nutrient line is designed to complement NSG strains.

Explore our full product range and elevate your cannabis cultivation with Native Sun Genetics.

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