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Brief Overview of the One Gallon Challenge

The One Gallon Challenge, an innovative competition by Cartier Crops, is exclusively designed for indoor home growers.

This unique challenge offers a platform for enthusiasts and experts to showcase their skills in cultivating plants, explicitly focusing on Native Sun Genetics.

The essence of the competition lies in its friendly yet competitive spirit, encouraging participants to push the boundaries of indoor gardening.

Key Aspects of the One Gallon Challenge:

Who is this for? 

The challenge is specifically tailored for indoor home growers, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and passion for indoor cultivation.

Competition Focus 

The central aspect of this challenge is to grow plants using Native Sun Genetics, challenging yourself and pushing the limits of a 1-gallon pot from start to finish.

Competition Timeline

Gates Open: The challenge officially begins on December 15th, setting the stage for participants to prepare and plan their strategies.

Germination Start Date: The actual cultivation process kicks off on January 1st, 2024, marking the start of the germination phase. This critical phase sets the tone for the rest of the competition as participants nurture and grow their plants in one-gallon pots.


Community Engagement
The One Gallon Challenge is a gathering point for indoor growing enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

Skill Demonstration
It provides a platform for participants to showcase their growing skills, particularly in maximizing the potential of Native Sun Genetics within the constraints of a one-gallon pot.

Innovation and Learning 
The competition encourages innovation in indoor growing techniques, allowing participants to experiment and learn from each other.

Overall, the One Gallon Challenge by Cartier Crops is more than just a competition; it’s an event that celebrates the art and science of indoor home growing, putting a spotlight on the capabilities of Native Sun Genetics and the talents of the growers who nurture them.
Rules & Regulations
The One Gallon Challenge has specific rules to ensure fairness and excitement throughout the competition:
  1. Mandatory Use of Native Sun Genetics: Contestants must use the provided Native Sun Genetics in the one-gallon bag received after purchase. The designated genetic for this competition is Vibes #3.
  2. Eligibility Through Purchase: Those who already own a pack of Vibes #3 can participate by purchasing the required bags.
  3. Gender Selection of Plants: As regular seeds will yield both male and female plants, contestants must discard male plants. The competition is exclusively for female plants. This is what makes the challenge fun.
  4. Increase Chances with More Seeds: Participants can purchase additional seeds to enhance their chances of growing more qualifying female plants.
  5. Single Plant Showcase: Despite the possibility of multiple female plants, each contestant is limited to showcasing only one female plant in the final stage of voting.
  6. Verification Process: Each bag comes with a unique verification code and the brand logo of Blind Gorilla & Native Sun Genetics for authenticity confirmation.
  7. Access to Exclusive Group: Post-purchase, participants gain entry into a private group where further rules and insights about the competition are shared.
Itinerary & Key Milestones
The schedule for the One Gallon Challenge is as follows:

Vibes #3 Has Been Chosen for Its Unique Characteristics

  • Ease of Growth
    Vibes #3 is known for its user-friendly growth process, making it ideal for a wide range of growers, from novices to experts.

  • Diversity in Phenotypes
    This genetic variant brings diverse phenotypes to the competition, encouraging growers to exhibit their skill in nurturing the most promising variant.

  • Potential for Exceptional Quality
    The winning phenotype is believed among the packs, suggesting that the grower who best harnesses its potential will likely clinch the top spot in the competition.

The One Gallon Challenge with Vibes #3 is an exciting opportunity for indoor growers to test their skills, learn from each other, and potentially uncover a phenomenal variety of this special genetic.

The competition promises a showcase of growing expertise and an exploration into the vast potential of Vibes #3.

Prizes and Incentives for the One Gallon Challenge


Blind Gorilla Cup Trophy
The Vibes #3 Challenge winner will be awarded a custom-designed Blind Gorilla Trophy. This exclusive trophy will recognize the winner as the Vibes #3 Challenge champion and serve as a testament to their exceptional growing skills and dedication. It symbolizes prestige and achievement in the field of indoor home growing.


The runner-up will receive a $99 gift card to Native Sun Genetics seed bank. The gift card is a token of appreciation for the effort and skill demonstrated throughout the challenge, acknowledging the participants’ competitive spirit and hard work.


Discount on Future Purchases 
All participants in the One Gallon Challenge will be entitled to a significant incentive — a 30% discount on their next purchase from Cartier Crops. This incentive is designed to encourage continued engagement and experimentation with various genetics offered by Cartier Crops, fostering a lasting relationship with the growing community.

  1. Select Your Package: Participants have the option to choose their starting package. This choice is crucial as it determines the number of seeds and bags you will receive for the challenge.

  2. Upgrade Option: After selecting the standard package, you can upgrade it. The upgrade allows you to increase the number of seeds to 9, enhancing your chances of growing a winning female plant.

Pricing Details

  • Standard Package
    (3 Seeds + 3 Bags): The starting package is priced at $33, which includes the cost of shipping. This package comprises a 3-pack of Vibes #3 seeds and 3 bags, providing everything needed to begin the challenge.

  • Upgrade Seed Packs  – Upgrade your seeds from 3-6 seeds at $33 for 3 seeds and 3 bags or $63 for 6 seeds and 6 Bags.

  • Can you purchase seeds  and grow at a later time? 
    YES, but you won’t receive recognition for following the itinerary associated with this challenge.
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Imagine competing alongside the best indoor growers, sharing your passion, and learning from the finest. The One Gallon Challenge isn’t just about winning; it’s about growing your plants and skills.
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There’s more than just glory at stake. Picture yourself claiming the coveted Blind Gorilla Plaque and other amazing prizes. These rewards aren’t just tokens; they symbolize your hard-earned success.
📈 Grow Beyond Limits 
This is your chance to push boundaries, try innovative techniques, and see how your skills stack up. It’s more than a competition; it’s a personal and professional growth journey.
📚 Learn, Compete, and Conquer 
Delaying your registration means missing out on this invaluable learning experience, the adrenaline rush of competition, and the chance to be part of an elite community of growers.
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Testimonials and ReviewS
Last Years Winner Testimonial
Paul's Journey to Victory

Last year, Paul, hailing from the beautiful state of Massachusetts, experienced a triumphant surprise when his bud was declared the winner. A veteran in outdoor growing, Paul decided to venture into the world of indoor cultivation. To his astonishment, his indoor grow thrived just as impressively as his outdoor endeavors. Riding the wave of last year's success, Paul is brimming with confidence and is eagerly aiming for a consecutive victory in this year's challenge.

WINNING STRATEGY The Secret Blend of Organic and Synthetic

Participating in the 1 Gallon Challenge was more than just about growing plants; it was a journey of personal growth and building confidence as a new indoor grower. Pushing myself to new limits and exploring uncharted territories in cultivation is what life's all about. I'm thrilled to have been a part of this amazing movement and can hardly wait to dive into this year's challenge. Whether I win again or not, the experience itself is incredibly rewarding and enlightening.

Paul's Reflection and Anticipation
Paul's Unique Mix:

While Paul keeps some of his methods close to his chest, we know his winning strategy involved a harmonious blend of organic techniques with a dash of synthetic mystery. He credits the organic approach for enhancing the natural essence and flavors of the Buddha's Hand, attributing his success to this balanced fusion. It's this innovative spirit that set Paul's entry apart in the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The One Gallon Challenge is a competition for indoor home growers, focusing on growing plants using Native Sun Genetics, particularly the Vibes #3 strain, in a one-gallon pot.

The challenge is exclusively open to indoor home growers who live in the United States. 

Participants must use Vibes #3 in the provided one-gallon bag. Only female plants are eligible for the competition, and male plants must be discarded. Participants can upgrade their package up to 9 seeds but can showcase only one female plant in the final stage.

To join, fill out the entry form and select your package. You can choose to start with the standard package or upgrade for more seeds.

The standard package (3 seeds + 3 bags) is $33, including shipping. 

Yes, you can upgrade your standard package to include up to 9 seeds.

The challenge starts with gates opening on December 15th. Germination begins on January 1st, followed by various stages leading up to the end of the challenge on April 1st, voting on April 8th, and the winner announcement on April 12th.

The first prize is a Custom Blind Gorilla Trophy. Runners-up receive $99 NSG Gift card, and all participants get a 30% discount on their next purchase.

The winner will be decided through a voting process at the end of the challenge. Our network of over 60 thousand fans will chime in and pick a winner.

Participants will have access to a private group for additional rules and insights about the challenge. Within the group I’ll be there to help and answer questions. You’ll also receive emails from us on a weekly basis to keep you informed and updated. 

Need More Information?

Contact Us: For further inquiries, please reach out to us at team@cartiercrops.com.

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  1. Eligibility: The One Gallon Challenge is open exclusively to residents of the United States. Participants must verify their residency status during registration. Participants are responsible for ensuring their participation complies with state and local laws.
  2. Age Requirement: All participants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of entry into the challenge.
  3. Compliance with Local Laws: Participants are responsible for adhering to their respective state and local laws regarding cannabis cultivation. Cartier Crops and Native Sun Genetics provide genetics strictly for souvenir purposes and are not liable for participants residing in non-cannabis growing states.
  4. Challenge Rules: Participants must follow all rules and guidelines as outlined in the challenge information, including the use of specific genetics (Vibes #3), adherence to the competition timeline, and proper showcase of plants.
  5. Data Usage and Privacy: Personal information collected during the registration process will be used solely for the administration of the challenge, communication with participants, and, with consent, for future marketing purposes.
  6. Disclaimer of Liability: Cartier Crops and Native Sun Genetics are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or losses incurred by participants during the challenge, except in cases of proven negligence or intentional misconduct by Cartier Crops or Native Sun Genetics.
  7. Amendments to Terms: Cartier Crops and Native Sun Genetics reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of any changes.

Privacy Policy

  1. Collection of Personal Information: The challenge collects personal information such as name, address, email, and age for registration and communication purposes.
  2. Use of Information: Collected information will be used for managing and administering the challenge, including updates, results, and future marketing communications.
  3. Data Sharing and Disclosure: Personal information will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent, except as required by law.
  4. Data Security: We are committed to ensuring the security of personal information and will take reasonable measures to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  5. Participant Rights: Participants have the right to access, correct, or request deletion of their personal information. Instructions on how to exercise these rights will be provided upon request.

Acknowledgement & Agreement

By registering for the One Gallon Challenge, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions and privacy policy. Each participant is responsible for ensuring compliance with all the rules and legal stipulations outlined herein.

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