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A New Beginning with Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Exotic Cannabis Seeds

I wish I could say a magical green spider bit me, turning me into the Seeder Man overnight. But in truth, my journey began with a deep passion and a quest for better genetics. This wasn’t about having special powers; it was about discovering my path through the world of Exotic Cannabis Seeds.

The Journey of Growth

I’d love to start my tale with a fantastical event, like a green spider bite that transformed me overnight into Seeder Man. However, my real story stems from a deep passion and a struggle with genetics that made me question my own capabilities.

In 1998, I was just an 18-year-old; I found myself on a new piece of land in Indiana, a place more familiar with cornfields than people. My journey began in humble circumstances, surrounded by my mother’s ex-boyfriend and his friends who indulged in smoking herb daily. Watching them, an idea took root within me, inspired by the towering cornfields—they were selling to friends, and I saw an opportunity for myself.

Diving into the stash of my mom’s boyfriend, I unearthed about 12 seeds. Armed with nothing but an old bleach container—a questionable choice, I admit—I scooped up soil from the cornfield and sowed the seeds. Perhaps it was beginner’s luck or the quality of the soil, but to my amazement, the seeds sprouted successfully.

Within five days, the seedlings were basking in the sunlight, igniting a transformation within me that I’ll never forget. Observing their daily growth, I felt a deep connection with their evolution, mirroring my own personal changes. Each new leaf, with its intricate veins, vibrant color, and unique structure, captivated me. Without any knowledge of nutrients, I came to believe that the rich soil of Indiana was my greatest ally.

Exploring the World of Exotic Cannabis Seeds

After a few weeks, I moved my 2-foot tall plant to the farmer’s land, making room by removing a few stalks of corn. (Sorry, Mr. Farmer, it was necessary.) It felt like a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk as the plant shot up. Each morning brought new excitement to see how it had changed overnight, and my enthusiasm for its growth became a part of who I was.

As the plant flourished, so did I, aiming to emulate its resilience and vitality. While others enjoyed leisure, I devoted my time to nurturing and conversing with my plant. I sometimes wondered, “Am I losing my mind?” In truth, I’ve always been a bit unusual, but who aspires to be ordinary? Standing taller than me within six weeks, this extraordinary flower was the most beautiful sight I’d ever beheld.

By late fall, the plant had soared to an impressive height of 10 feet, adorned with clusters of buds that were my pride and joy. More than that, it was my sanctuary, companion, and friend through a challenging year.

As the seasons shifted, signaling the plant’s life cycle ended, I felt sorrow and acceptance. It taught me valuable lessons about life: to live fully, stand tall against the odds, and embrace maturity with grace.

The inevitable moment arrived to harvest the plant as Mr. Farmer worked his land nearby. Though it pained me to cut it down, this act marked the beginning of reaping the rewards of my efforts. That experience clarified the path I wished to pursue.

Encouraged by this outdoor adventure, I put my gardening efforts indoors. This shift was not just a location change but a step towards a deeper exploration of what it means to grow and thrive, irrespective of the external environment.

Crossing Genetics: A New Horizon

Cartier-Cookies Bxf2

Years later, I decided to move my gardening indoors. By then, the internet was starting to become a thing, and I needed to find a reliable source for seeds. In 1998, getting seeds from European banks was a major hassle—it could take up to five months for an order to arrive. Despite the wait, I ordered hundreds of seeds, eager to start my indoor gardening journey. Over the years, I had a lot of success, but I couldn’t help but notice something intriguing. A good buddy from California would visit, and every time we shared his stash, it was clear his stuff was way stronger than mine.

He’d laugh at my attempts, pointing out that no matter what strain I grew, it just couldn’t match his potency or taste. This got me thinking. Initially, I assumed all plants were identical, just with different labels. How wrong I was! The more I learned, the more I realized the vast differences between strains, their unique purposes, and what it takes to produce a top-tier plant. I questioned why my plants weren’t measuring up and if I was doing something wrong.

The issue wasn’t with me but with the genetics of the seeds I was buying online. One day, my friend gave me a nudge in the right direction. “Hey, Ill plug you in!” he said. “Your stuff is aight, but what you really need are some top-quality seeds.” He mentioned he knew someone who could get me exactly that—clones and seeds of superior strains, though they wouldn’t come cheap. Keep in mind, this was 1998-99, and getting your hands on such items was not only tough but also illegal, making the whole endeavor feel like a scene straight out of a gangster movie. 😆

The Investment

So, I handed my buddy $600, and what did I get? A pack of 24 seeds! I was fuming, thinking, “Man, I want my money back; what this sh%t?” He just told me to chill and give the seeds a chance to grow.

At that moment, I really didn’t have another option. He was out of reach, and I wasn’t about to wait another month for a new order. I vividly remember planting some of the Original OG Kush and Blueberry seeds. 

To cut a long story short, those plants were the finest I’ve ever cultivated. It hit me then: the success of a grow isn’t just about the gardener’s skill—it’s really about the genetics. I had to eat humble pie and apologize to my friend for blowing up at him. When we next compared our plants, mine were just as stunning as his, a truly remarkable turnaround. It made me realize that nurturing thoughts and ideas could lead to incredible growth.

I was convinced there were plenty of others, just like me, who were after nothing but the best but didn’t know where to start or who to trust. Let’s jump ahead a bit in the story…

Producing Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Exploring the world of plant genetics seemed like my next big adventure, but figuring out how to begin was a mystery. I thought it would be simple—just let a male plant pollinate a female plant, and voilà, success! However, reality proved more complex. I embarked on a journey of discovery, spending years learning about the plant and searching for the perfect phenotypes. It was a long process, filled with trials and errors, but it led me to a groundbreaking discovery in 2008. I found a pair of plants, a female with THC levels around 32% and a stud male, that seemed like they could be the key to something unique.

I remember thinking, “This could be the breakthrough I’ve been looking for,” but the cost was more than I wanted to spend. Buying both plants would cost $2,000, which made me hesitate. Everyone around me thought I had lost my mind, especially since I trusted distant breeders to deliver these unique clones.

After several restless nights, I finally decided to take a leap of faith. “What’s life without a little risk?” I reasoned. If I was going to make a mark in plant breeding, now was the moment. This daring decision led to creating my first hybrid strain, which I proudly named Cartier Cookies. The name was a nod to the parent plants’ “cookie” genetics and my own name, Cartier.

With the help of friends and family, I replanted many seeds, searching for that one special plant. This search stretched over a year, and yes, people still thought I was a bit crazy.

After countless attempts and disappointments, I wasn’t finding the standout I hoped for. But then, during my six attempts, something caught my eye. In my garden, there was a plant so striking, so different from the rest, I instantly knew—this was the one. This plant was a true champion!

After harvesting that batch, I had the plant tested. The results were astonishing, not just to me but to everyone. The quality of the flower was so impressive that it literally floored people with its potency. They were amazed by its strength and quality, rising from their shock with a new respect for what I had accomplished.

We Achieved Our Goal!

I discovered the perfect foundation for Native Sun Genetics, seeing a future filled with potential, much like the eternal youth JayZ talks about in his music. The plant’s medicinal qualities, especially their high CBD levels, were precisely what I had been searching for. I realized that by combining different plant genetics, I could assist others medically by providing seeds that support their health journey—without the need for expensive intermediaries motivated purely by profit.

Every time I step into my garden, I return to those vast cornfields 2,500 miles away. That’s where my journey began, where I first understood nature’s true beauty and strength. My experience there shaped my mission: to share the joy and freedom I’ve found with others, safeguard nature’s wonders, and cherish life in all its forms. I’m driven by a love for the community, a passion for growth, and a commitment to preserving the beauty around us.

The story of the majestic plant that had to be cut down in 1998 mirrors the cycle of life itself. Just as she reached her end, I knew my time would also come. Yet, the impact of our efforts, the fruits of our labor, will continue to spread from one garden to another, leaving a lasting legacy.

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Keep growing, my friends,
Cartier Crops


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