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Troll-Free Zone

We maintain a respectful and supportive community, ensuring no trolls disrupt your journey.


While other social media platforms may stifle the cannabis conversation, we champion it. Just remember to be respectful.

Global Connections

Engage with a network of home growers from all corners of the world, sharing insights, triumphs, and challenges.

Mentorship & Growth

Our seasoned growers are always on hand, offering encouragement and guidance to newcomers. Learn, grow, and flourish together.

Exclusive Member Perks

Enjoy access to elite cannabis genetics and special discounts exclusively for our Blind Gorilla members.

Discover the Blind Gorilla difference — where the heart of home growing beats stronger together.

Cartier Crops Dynamic Forum: Where Growers Connect & Collaborate

Embark on an unparalleled journey through our vibrant forum — the heartbeat of the Blind Gorilla community.

Ask & Advise

Got a pressing question? Tap into the collective wisdom of our community. Seasoned grower? Share your insights and become a guiding light for others.

Exclusive Content

Access members-only threads, where special cultivation techniques, strain reviews, and advanced tips await.

Diverse Discussions

From the intricacies of germination to the nuances of curing, explore topics that span the entire spectrum of cannabis cultivation.

Safe & Supportive

Experience a troll-free environment where respect reigns supreme. We're more than just a forum; we're a family of passionate growers.

Stay Updated

Be the first to hear about the latest cannabis trends, research findings, and Blind Gorilla community events.

Join the conversation today and immerse yourself in a forum where every voice matters, every question finds an answer, and every grower finds a home.

Cartier Crops Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s absolutely FREE to join the Blind Gorilla Community. Dive into our expansive network of home growers without any cost.

Upon joining, you’ll gain access to our dynamic forum, exclusive content, mentorship opportunities, the Blind Gorilla Podcast, and a plethora of resources tailored for both novice and expert home growers.

We maintain a strict no-troll policy. Our dedicated team of moderators actively monitors discussions, ensuring a positive and respectful ambiance. Disrespectful accounts or trolls are swiftly addressed to maintain the community’s integrity.

Absolutely! Members enjoy exclusive access to elite cannabis genetics, special discounts, members-only threads, and advanced cultivation tips. We’re continually working to provide additional perks for our community members.

Definitely! Our community is a blend of experienced growers and newcomers. This mix ensures you’ll find mentorship, guidance, and a wealth of information tailored to your needs. Plus, our podcast offers insights directly from those in your shoes.

We love showcasing the diverse voices of our community. If you have a compelling indoor growing journey or insights you’d like to share, contact our podcast team. You might just be the next voice inspiring fellow growers worldwide!

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