Blue Face Strain Equals Legendary : Cartiers Version

Blue Face Strain Native Sun Genetics

The Blue Face Strain is a game changer in the world of growing cannabis for indoor home growers. Outside, you can do the most with her, too, but she is a beast indoors. They have large yields, great flavor, and are easy to grow.

Even though she has purple leaves that dry to a bluish purple, the name was created due to the mula she can save you and make you.

Let’s dive deeper into the Blue Face Strain to discover how and why she was created.


The Female used in Blue Face Strain

Cartier Cookie Cannabis Plant

If you need to become more familiar with Cartier Cookie, let me put you on game. Cartier Cookie is our staple and the legend behind Show Stopper OG, Antidote Cookie, which was created during the pandemic, Pimp Juice, and so many others from our line.

Here’s why! She packs a heavy 33% THC content with a 2.5% CBD content. Everything she touches turns to gold, which is why the Blue Face Strain is who she is.

Cartier Cookie is a cross of two Girl Scout Cookies, one from the East Coast and another from the West Coast, from champion genetic lines. Before we started our line, it took over two and a half years to produce this genetic.

She’s an unbelievable variety with so much cookie funk that you can smell her a mile away. The taste is so rare, and the lift is similar: sit down somewhere, eat this, and do not say a word. LMAO


The DJ Short Blueberry F5 Male for Blue Face Strain

Blueberry F5 Cannabis Plant


We used the Blueberry F5, which was selected to bring faster flowering time, thick stacking, and that sick-ass Blueberry size we have come to love.

The easy part was that since the Blueberry was an F5 variety, it made it easier to choose the one we wanted. There were only three phenos to choose from in the entire batch, and boy, was he a dandy.

When you work with genetics in their F5, this means they are fifth-generation crosses of the same genetics, making the seed stable and having limited phenos.


The Blueberry F5 is important because finding a dominant male would help the cross with Cartier Cookie be more robust and flavorful without breeding the seed down to an F3. Plus, we wouldn’t need to deal with hermaphrodites, knowing an F5 is stable enough. 


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What to Expect From Growing the Blue Face Strain

As I stated earlier, the Cartier Cookie is the power, but the Blueberry is the flavor, or should I say the added flavor with a taste like none other. If you have a short tent 5 or 6 feet tall, this genetic will work wonders for you.

She is short but can get tall if you allow her to vegetate for longer. The buds are super dense and do not do well when topped. You want her to grow naturally and use a bending or low-stress method for super cropping.

She is a heavy feeder performing very well in coco coir. She does not grow as fast when grown in soil but will have a better flavor on the end and the buds aren’t as stacked or dense. They still come out great by all means, but she becomes a beast when grown with coco coir or hydro.

Jonathan Russ, a home grower in our network, produced 2 pounds in a 4×4 using coco coir. That’s Insane!!! Then you have home growers like Chris David pulling less wait, but the flower came out with insane flavor with a deeper purple that was damn near black.

No matter what you grow in, the Blue Face Strain is the truth that brings weight plus flavor to the party, not to mention the bag apparel. 


Chris David Photo for Blue Face Strain


Pic: Chris David

Jonathan Russ Photo for Blue Face Strain


Pic: Jonathan Russ


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Medical Benefits of the Blue Face Strain

Hungry? Sleepy? Need to Relax? Yep, you will find yourself doing one of the three after you take a few huge rips. The Blue Face strain leans more indica with hits of sativa when it comes to the lift and drops you like a bad habit.

Most home growers say it’s best after work, and you need to relax, roll one up, and puff your stress away. Others have commented on the heavy munchies you receive after taking a joint, making it great for cancer patients who need help to eat or those who are anorexic and need help eating.

According to the American Cancer Society, research indicates that smoked marijuana can aid in cancer treatment. Studies have shown its potential to enhance food intake, particularly beneficial for cancer patients.

The other dope benefit is the sleep part. One of my buddies grows this just for his night-time pill pop. He makes coconut oil pills using the Blue Face strain and says it’s the best sleep he’s had in years. 

If you’re a true connoisseur with a high tolerance and need heavy smoke during the day, then be our guest. Although not recommended for those just starting as a toker on the recreation level.


Cartier Crops

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Blue Face Strain Final Thoughts

She’s rare, a sensory delight, and produces some of the best yields for a cookie cross. This genetic is phenomenal after 12 years of breeding and 28 years of cultivating. Every home grower echoes this, and those who missed out last time plead for a heads-up on her next availability.

Owning such genetics makes you the envy of your circle, giving you a proud swagger. Like my friend Rick, many keep this exclusive herb to themselves, sharing only their less cherished strains. Laughably, it’s that good, but there’s enough to go around this time.

If you want to turn a modest investment into significant gains, Blue Face is your ticket—aptly named for the stacks of money it could help you earn. Even novices will feel like seasoned cultivators with Blue Face in their garden.


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Hey I’m Cartier Crops. Since 2018, I’ve been helping passionate cultivators in the cannabis industry. Join our community and get insider knowledge about plant cultivation.

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