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Cartiers’ Blind Gorilla Experience

Take your cannabis growing game to new heights
with the Blind Gorilla. This is more than just a
community; it’s a private haven of growth
and learning exclusively designed for
dedicated cultivators.

Meet Cartier Chat

Say hello to Cartier Chat, your personalized AI companion—quick answers to all your indoor growing questions, exclusively for our Blind Gorilla members.

Save with SimPro Formula Plant Nutrients

Boost your growth with SimPro Formula Nutrients, our esteemed
affiliate partner. Blind Gorilla members enjoy exclusive discounts on
superior-quality nutrients.

The Vegetation Formula helps plants grow faster, healthier, and more resilient during the vegetative stage.

Vegetation Formula

Transition Formula

Bloom Formula

Boost Formula

Safety and Security Beyond Social Media

We value your trust. At Cartier Crops, we ensure a scam-free, tightly monitored environment that upholds the integrity of our thriving community of growers.

Your Access Pass to Native Sun Genetics

Welcome to our private seed tester club. Discover top-tier seeds and save up to 75% on your purchases, exclusively for our members.

Leverage Expertise from Cartier Crop’s Cannabis Grow Journal

Master the art of indoor growing under the guidance of cannabis grow journal founder, Cartier Crops. With years of experience, Cartier has empowered over 12,000 successful home gardeners. You’re next!

Ultimate cannabis grow journal from seed to harvest. Benefit from vast knowledge and tailored content, aimed to empower cultivation journey.
Ultimate cannabis grow journal from seed to harvest. Benefit from vast knowledge and tailored content, aimed to empower cultivation journey.

It’s Not Just A Community, It’s Family

Here at Cartier Crops, we’re more than a
group of growers. Our family cultivates
love, knowledge, and the finest cannabis.
Join us for group Zoom meetings, grow
challenges, giveaways, and more.

Grow Challenges & Giveaways

Stimulate your growth with our exclusive challenges. Stand a chance to win exciting prizes and recognition in our community. Let’s grow together!

Unlock the potential of cannabis genetics with our Seed Tester program. Join now and explore the future of cannabis cultivation!

Learn, Grow, Succeed

Our comprehensive growth courses are meticulously designed to guide you toward success. You’re never alone in this journey; our supportive community has your back.



Courses Include:

8 Lessons

26 Topics



By Cartier Crops

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Courses Include:

10 Lessons

48 Topics

Benefits Section:

Why Join Cartiers’
Blind Gorilla?

Frequently Asked Questions

Cartier’s Blind Gorilla is a premium, private online community designed for indoor cannabis cultivators. Our
members benefit from expert knowledge, a supportive and secure environment, exclusive discounts on toptier nutrients and seeds, and much more.

Our community is open to anyone interested in indoor cannabis cultivation, whether you’re a novice just starting or an experienced grower. However, we strictly adhere to local laws and guidelines, and only users of legal age can join.

As a member, you get exclusive access to expert knowledge, personalized AI assistance, discounts on top-tier nutrients and seeds, participation in grow challenges & giveaways, and a secure, scam-free environment.

Cartier Chat is an AI-powered chatbot available exclusively to our community members. It quickly answers all your indoor growing questions and helps you troubleshoot potential issues.

Our private seed tester club gives you access to top-tier seeds from Native Sun Genetics at up to 75% discounted rates. This is exclusively available for our Blind Gorilla members.

“Grow Challenges” are friendly competitions we host for our community members. They’re designed to stimulate your growth and allow you to win exciting prizes. They also allow members to share their progress, learn from each other, and earn recognition in the community.